Mea Culpa

That is hard to say no matter what language! I believe it was mea culpa, that is, my fault.

Over two weeks ago, while feeding the horses, I walked into our big geldings stall. He was busy eating the hay I had just put out for him. Quietly, gently I grabbed his tail.
In an instant his hind leg went up in a threat and he closed up the space with his huge hindquarters. I was between those hindquarters and the oak fence board that separated the stalls. Unable to speak, I pressured him with my hands. He moved over but not before I heard what I thought was the fence board crack. Now, over two weeks ago, I do believe that “crack” was my rib.

Two things I have re-learned:
1. ALWAYS make your presence known to your horse through your voice.

2. Never stop ground work on your horse. Our gelding felt the pressure of my hands on him and moved off the pressure for I had no air for a voice.

Little can be done for cracked ribs besides rest, ice, painkillers and good ‘ole tincture of time. I am feeling better everyday and that it a blessing. One of my older sisters wisely says, “Life—it is hazardous to your health.”

I am thankful to know we have a Lord that protects us daily. Otherwise I am not sure I would ever venture out of the front door!

O Lord, You preserve man and beast. Psalms 36:6

webster in snow

Always make your presence known around your horse, through your voice.

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